Drain clearance & CCTV drain surveys in Sussex

Do you have blocked drains? Having problems with a blocked toilet, slow drainage or just a nasty drain smell? Don’t worry, when it comes to drains and toilets our experts at Action Enviro have seen it all – and then fixed it.

We won’t have to take up your floor. If the problem isn’t obvious, our engineers will put a CCTV camera into the drain. It’s a clean, fuss-free way to pinpoint precisely what’s going on down there.  Once we’ve identified the problem we’ll work fast to fix it. Wherever possible, we’ll do it there and then.

  • High-pressured jets to clear even the most stubborn blockages cleanly and efficiently.
  • A repair service with no leftover mess, leaving your home or garden exactly as we found it.
  • Hard-working, friendly engineers who’ll treat your home as if it were their own.

Call Sarah and Lauren on 01825 873073. No matter what your drainage problem, they’ll get started on fixing it for you.

CCTV drain survey

OK, not everyone wants to see a movie of their drains in glorious technicolour. But if you’re moving house, a CCTV drain survey and DVD will give you peace of mind that you’re not inheriting a potential problem. And if you have persistent drain issues, the survey will flag up exactly what’s wrong.

Our CCTV cameras will pick up absolutely everything  - from tree roots and collapsed pipes to mobile phones, Barbie dolls and teddy bears accidentally dropped down the loo.  It’s a fast, efficient way to find out exactly what’s happening under your floorboards – without having to take up a single floorboard.

To book your survey, just give Action Enviro a call on

01825 873073

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CCTV Drainage Survey Camera

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CCTV Drainage Survey Camera View